The declaration of the DIMAP Bt. management about the ownership and the customer's / user's rights:

  • The domain, the DIMAP name and emblem are property of DIMAP Bt.

  • The source of the pictures on this website: own archives, publications of the DIMAP Bt. and partner-firms with the related websites.

  • The maps and publications refered on this website are intellectual products and under protection of copyright.

  • The informations of this website can be used for own aims, however the utilization of them for business or commercial aims requires pre-arrangement.

  • By creating our website we aimed to provide punctual informations to our readers. However mistakes can occur. We thank you all your observations which you can send to us under "Contact".

    The management of DIMAP Bt., Budapest, 2011.   
   The authorities and restrictions related to the purchase of the DIMAP digital maps:

  • The customer can use the purchased map / atlas for his / her own aims with no restrictions.

  • The complete map / atlas or its detail can be printed by one issue for aim of orientation.

  • The complete map / atlas or either of its details - without pre-arrangement - cannot be handed on, cannot be sold and cannot be published on the internet or by any other way.

  • On the purchased product there is a unique identifier which contains the date of the purchase and the customer's datas.

  • The owner of the copyright of the maps / atlases is the DIMAP Bt.

    The management of DIMAP Bt., Budapest, 2012.
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