The most popular maps of 2012

Our 10 most sought maps in 2012:

  1. Road Map of Transylvania (paper plus digital version)
  2. Road Atlas of Hungary
  3. Road Atlas of Romania - digital version
  4. Hungary Pocket-Atlas
  5. Transcarpathia Map
  6. Fagaras Mountains Map
  7. City Atlas of Budapest
  8. Lake Saint Anna and it's Environs Tourist Map
  9. Retezat Mountains Map
  10. Padis Map

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Digital Maps

Some of our publications can be purchased both in printed and digital form, for example Road Map of Transylvania, City Atlas of Budapest or Gurghiu Mountains Map are in this category. However, some of our publications are only available in digital form. These maps are the Road Atlas of Romania and the Ceahlau Massif Tourist Map.

We recommend our digital maps for costumers who have smartphone, laptop, tablet or other similar electronic tool. The use of our digital atlases is very convenient, you can turn and limitlessly enlarge the pages. Our digital tourist maps can offer you more than a simple map: with the right electronic tool you can calculate route-length or by using our geo-referenced pdf-maps (with GPS) you can follow your position on the map even off-line.

You can find more information about our digital maps here.
Tourist Maps of Transylvania

Since we are approaching the 25th anniversary of our firm-establishment, we thought to make a summary about our Transylvania tourist maps, published so far.

  • Bihor Mountains Map
  • Carpathians' Bend (five mountains) Map
  • Caliman Mountains Map
  • Ceahlau Massif Map (digital version)
  • Ciucului Mountains and the Ghimes Map
  • Fagaras Mountains Map
  • Gilau Mountains Map
  • Giurgeu and Hasmas Mountains Map
  • Gurghiu Mountains - the northern and central parts - Map
  • Gutai, Lapus and Tibles Mountains Map
  • Harghita Mountains Map
  • Lake Rosu and i'ts Environs Map
  • Lake Saint Anna and it's Environs Map

  • Metaliferi Mountains Map
  • Nemira Mountains Map
  • Padis Map
  • Padurea Craiului Mountains Map
  • Parang Mountains Map
  • Rarau-Giumalau Mountains and the Bucovina Monasteries Map
  • Retezat Mountains Map
  • Rodnei Mountains Map
  • Tarcau Mountains Map
  • Trascau Mountains - north part with Gorge Turzii Map
  • Trascau Mountains - south part Map
  • Vladeasa Mountains Map
We hope that in the future we will create more maps about the wonderful lands of Romania and Transylvania.

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Latest Maps:
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Our Latest Maps
Transylvania Map
Calimani Mountains Tourist Map
Budapest road atlas
The Ciuc Mountains and the Ghimes Tourist Map
Maramures Mountains Tourist Map
Our maps have won first prize on the competition of Szép Magyar Térkép 2013

Our bicycle tour maps - made together with Frigoria Könyvkiadó Kft. - representing Lake Velence and its environs, Pest Plain and the Csepel Island have won the first prize on the competition of Szép Magyar Térkép (Fine Hungarian Maps). The committee supported their choice with the undermentioned statement:
"The newness of this map-series made for cycler tourists is in the many represented areas and the plenty information. The well-made maps are representing finely the rideable routes, the route-recommendations and other informations are preparing the hikers for the orientation in the unknown area."
We - who made the maps - are very proud of this result, because we really like to work on bicycle maps. We have made eleven publications in this topic so far.

You can find more information about our bicycle maps here.
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